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Back In Town

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You finished up at the bar before going out to meet Sam and Emmy. You grinned as soon as you saw them. Emmy ran to hug you as they had been playing outside the car a bit. “Hi, mommy! We got baby a book!” She bounced. 

“Did you?” You asked proudly. “That’s so sweet.” You smiled as Sam came over to kiss your cheek.

“Hi.” He rubbed the side of your bump. “Ready for our family date?” He asked. 

You nodded. “Been ready.”

“Will the mean lady be there?” Emmy pouted. 

You furrowed your brows. “Of course not, baby.” You assured her. 

“Yay!” She rushed to the car. 

You glanced at Sam. “Wonder what made her ask that.”

He winced. “We ran into Jess.” He sighed. “She was at the bookstore while we were there. Emmy instantly hid in my neck.” 

You sighed. “Was she rude?” You laced your fingers with his as you walked back to the car.

“No. Sad after she found out we’re having a baby.” He shrugged. “Emmy mentioned them, asking about getting them a book.” He smiled at that. “But, oh well.” He gave your hand a small squeeze. “And I texted mom about everything. We’ll have the babyshower the weekend after I get back. So, just a week later.” He beamed. 

You took in all the information and nodded. “Okay.” You honestly hoped that his interview went well. “We’ll miss you while you’re gone.”

“Should be out just a couple days.” He nodded. “Not too long.” He smiled. “I have to order or rent a suit.” He chuckled. 

“Oh, that’ll look nice.” You looked at him once you were in the car. “Really nice.” You smirked. 

He chuckled and gave you a wink before driving off to the closest past place. 

You were at the airport with Emmy, eager to see Sam. You’d missed him so much while he was gone. She made him a card and was holding it tightly as she looked everywhere. “Is daddy coming soon?” 

“Should be any minute.” You grinned, also looking for that mop of hair you loved so much. “I see him!” You told her happily. 

She squealed and waited until she saw him before running to him. “Daddy!” She wrapped her little arms around his neck as he crouched to catch her. “I missed you!” 

He held her close. “I missed you more!” He lifted her. He beamed as he went to hug you, kissing you softly. “I missed my girls so much.” 

“We missed you.” You rubbed his chest. “I made your favorites for dinner.” You smiled. “And you can tell us how things went.”

He nodded and followed you out. He was glad to be back home. He hated sleeping in some hotel, alone. He missed doing bedtime and holding you. It had only been two nights away, and it felt like ages.

“When do you hear back?” You couldn’t help but ask once you were in the car. “Or did they tell you already?”

He had been fighting with himself the entire flight home about this. “I was accepted.”

You blinked. “That’s amazing!” You beamed. “I’m so proud of you!” 

He smiled. “Thank you, baby.” That meant more than actually being accepted. “I love you.” He took your hand in his. “I’m not going to take it. I have to let them know in a week.” 

You blinked. “You’re not?” You asked. “That’s your dream school!” You told him.

“Dreams change.” He kissed your knuckles. “You, Emmy, and this baby are my dream.” He told you. 

“We can follow you to Stanford, Sam.” You teared up. This had been your fear, and why you had left! 

“That’s a lot to ask for from you two. You three.” He said softly. “I’m okay just knowing I made it and that’s it.” He told you honestly. “Being here, you’ll always have help, even when I’m having a busy week.” He shrugged. “Mom and dad love having you around.” He added. “I’m sure Emmy would miss being around everyone.”

You looked out the window and swallowed. Your chest clenched. Did you ruin things? Did you come back and mess up his life? “Where was Jess going to go to school?” You asked. 

“She doesn’t know yet. Why?” He frowned at the question. 

“But was she going to apply to Stanford, too?” You asked. 

He furrowed his brows. “She was going for pre-med, but was applying everywhere.”

“Did you have a plan if you got accepted to different places?” You went on. 

“Why are you asking about Jess?” He looked at you as he parked. 

You sighed and shrugged. “Was just wondering.” You said softly. “I’ll get started on warming up dinner, okay? You go shower off the air travel.” You gave his arm a gentle squeeze. 

He gave you a soft look. “Y/N, please.” He could tell that you felt guilty. He knew you. “I really thought about this.” He told you sincerely. “The whole way home.”

“As if that’s enough time for this big of a decision.” You shook your head. “This is what you’ve been dreaming about longer than you’ve known me.” 

He gave you a soft look. “Can we talk about it later then?” He asked. “We can decide together .” He emphasized. 

“Okay.” You nodded in agreement. You got down and Emmy ran inside once you got the door unlocked. “Why don’t you go play while daddy showers, and I heat up dinner?” 

She nodded. “Okay!” She rushed to her playmat. She quickly pulled off her shoes before she started playing. She was excited for dinner. 

Sam rubbed your back gently as he shut the door. “How about I keep you company while you heat up dinner, and we can shower together after?” He asked softly. “Missed doing that.” He told you. “And feeling those kicks while I wash you up.” 

You couldn’t help but smile. “Okay.” You agreed, slipping your shoes off. “I’d like that.” 

He smiled in relief and went to join you. “How’s our little one been?” 

“Good. Active.” You explained. “Kicking up a storm.” You smiled.

“They’re almost ready to meet us.” He beamed. “I’m so excited.” He wrapped his arms around you from behind. As he did, he kissed your shoulder. “Maybe we can do some more wedding planning soon?” 

You nodded. “I’d love that.” You smiled over your shoulder at him. 

He gasped as he felt a hard kick. “Wow! Does that hurt?” He looked a bit worried. 

“Not really, I promise.” You shook your head. “I’ve gotten used to it.” You told him. “And it won’t be the last one I get kicks from.” 

He beamed at that. “I love knowing we get to do this again.” He rubbed your side. “I’m going to love having a big family.” He told you. “And you’re amazing for this. Growing a human is hard work.” 

“I appreciate that.” You said softly. “Thankfully both pregnancies have been pretty easy.” You turned to finish plating. “Want to get Em?”

He nodded and rushed to get her. “Dinner time, princess.”

“Yay!” She stood and went to hug him. “Let’s go!”” 

He lifted her and went to put her on her booster seat. She drank her juice happily while you two sat down. You were glad he was home. You two had missed him so much. Home wasn’t really home without him. 

“I missed your cooking.” He told you happily. “So much.” 

You giggled. “That’s a big compliment.” You smiled. “I love cooking for you.” 

“I’ll have to switch with you when the baby comes.” He smiled. “Take care of you and let you relax as much as you can.” 

“That’s sweet of you.” You nodded. “We can make a few freezer meals together before hand, too? For those days where the baby kept us up the night before.”   

He grinned. “Great idea. I know mom will do the same.” He chuckled. “She’s so excited.” He smiled. “I can’t wait for the baby shower.” He looked to Emmy. “Do you think you’re getting a brother or a sister?” 

Emmy kicked. “A sister!” She beamed. “Mommy is having a girl.” 

You giggled. “You’re with Uncle Dean on that one.” You told her. “I think I’m having a boy. Would you be okay with that?” 

She shrugged. “I guess.”  

“Brothers can be fun.” Sam smiled. “You’ll be good friends.” 

You nodded in agreement. “You’ll have a great time together.” You looked forward to watching Emmy with the baby. She’d be so caring. Maybe you’d buy her a baby doll and all the accessories before the baby came. That would help a lot, you were sure. You’d mention it to Sam once Emmy was in bed. You didn’t really look forward to your talk, though. He was so determined not to accept his offer at Stanford. You really didn’t want that. He’d worked so hard! 

Sam insisted he did dishes before bedtime. You’d cooked an amazing meal, so it was the least he could do. He smiled as he cleaned up, able to hear you coloring with Emmy. He couldn’t picture life differently, not wanting to imagine where he would be if you hadn’t come back. It would’ve been so different. And he wouldn’t have you, Em, or the new baby. His throat tightened at that thought and he quickly shook his head. He didn’t need to think about that. He had the best family. 

“Here, Daddy!” Emmy handed him a picture when he joined the two of you. 

He took it happily. “What do we have here?” He grinned. “I love how colorful it is.” 

She grinned. “Our house!” She told him. 

He beamed. “Can we put it on the fridge?” He asked. “Make it colorful?”

She nodded quickly. “Yeah!” She hopped down to go with him to the kitchen. She helped him decide where to hang it. “Right there!”

“Perfect choice.” He beamed and put on a magnet. 

She did a little happy dance. She high fived him when he held out his hand and they went back to the playmat.